one dress ayear


onedressa year

There is an overproduction in the world, this gives a
lot of waste. Of the remaining, non traditional, material
we like to make objects to surprise the viewer
and create awareness.

We want a "slow" production, where the creative process
is a part of the creation. The quantity of material
produced does not matter.
We use it as it is.

The advantage of this process is that we are not bound to
a single country. Everywhere in the world you can find
companies who have residual material.
Change is the only constant factor.

One idea, read pdf "Stof tot nadenken" in Dutch 11-9-2009.
"Think about it!" in English.

We have started with money, since in a few years time this
will be the "new waste".

The first "One Love" performance was held on 11 september 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. Since then we visited Amsterdam, New Zealand, Valencia and had the one year anniversery in New York,
11 september 2013.

Thanks to Ulule crowdfunding website and the givers:
big brother (gran hermano), Jami. Kate, Joana y Nico, Thomas, Louise, Marion, Peetoom Ton, Jan Martin, Lucy, Machiel, Steffi, Stephan, Paul Vinken, Rachel, Dani y Pedro, Joost y Heidi, Vippers de Argentinië, Jessica, Joris, Yvonne, Erik, Datsun & Moby, Jorise, Bregt & Jacob, Ilja, Fysio Spaarndam, Gert-Jan, My mecenas, Xtine ♥, Nunu, Vera, Mickey, Lion, Marjon, Tom and Junneth, Hannie & Paul, Tristan, Emily, Maria, Puck, Charlotte, Ana, Angel, Gus, Hans van Dijk, Michael Mut who all supported (and/or) mentally, loving & finacialalalalaly.
And thanks to all who gave (and/or) invisible, unspoken & unwritten support. Thank you all for being, and being you!

The creative force who made these performances happen by (and/or)
camerawork, music, mental support and kids/animal purity:
Puck & Hans, Frau Schmitt, Neneh Cherry, Alba Merche Valer, Francis Nijenhuis, Jorise de Jong, Kik van Dijk, Milo, Midas, Lavinia Meijer, big brother, Rewa Harre, Truus Buitinga, Anton te Dorsthorst,
the Nits, Juan Carlos de Veciana, Las hermanas Caronni,
Mickey (the dog), Fred White, Floor Grootenhuis, Aura Rascon
y Vito Marence, Ayo, Gabriel Royal

All the people seen in the video's who made these performances
beautiful and gave a heart touching feeling! Thank you.




onelove [at] onedressayear . com

New York
New York 2

Holland & 12 counties